In this circle of 19 miniatures, characteristic settings are drawn organically presenting a synthesis between nature and the digital age.
The tonal language, being partly electro-acoustic first starts off mystically during the first track with some sax themes and ends ethereally with the sounds of a piano in the last miniature.
Every now and then a mostly modified human voice appears in several miniatures which often melts into the electronic sounds in a space which seems to be endless, first being fragile, then pulsing.
Through the myriads of features of the several miniatures the complexity of the poetic balancing act between arranged technology and human life is ought to be reflected.
The short time-frame of the miniatures focuses on the musical-aesthetic structure-forming quintessence.
The miniatures vary from being self-contained, strict and openly designed as a sort radio drama to rhythmically accentuated or experimental structures.
19 Miniatures Of A Natural Life deal with:
the evolutionary history of man from the point of view of the digital age
the different stages of a human life and internal reflection and character building accompanying them
the laws of nature with their physical consequences on man
poetry as a musical language
mysticism, transcendency and the sociological development of man interacting with technology.

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