- 1995 – 2001 studying music (classical piano with diploma) at the academy of music in Nürnberg
- a many-sided musical background beginning with the intensive occupation with the history of Jazz 1984-89, Free Jazz and Free Music (1996 playing together with Peter Brötzmann),
a classical piano education, autodidactic learning of various saxophones and bass clarinet, avant-garde music (diploma work on the aleatoric compositions of John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen),
music from Asia and Africa, writing of songs based on New Wave, Art Rock and other styles
- since 1990 founding of various ensembles based on free improvisation, conception and performance of multi media art-performances in collaboration with fine artists
- 1991-92 writing of onomatopoeia for radio broadcasts
- since 1992 production of a broad range of electronic and electro-acoustic music with a mostly experimental approach, first beginning with multitrack tape recordings including voices, guitars, synthesizers and many other instruments, then developing the technical environment in the Pedant Bunker Studio for producing more electronic computer music in different genres like rhythmically driven and pattern oriented music and experimental music with influences of Jazz and the use of Musique concrète elements
- since 1998 production of techno tracks and DJing
- 2000/02 music-collages for sound installations
- 2004-2006 founding and participation in the Kontrastmittel events in Nürnberg
- 2005/06 the album 19 MINIATURES OF A NATURAL LIFE is an example of the growing interest in the relationship between the sounds of nature and urban environment and the synthetically generated sounds, the combination and modification of these sounds to create polymorphic and atmospheric music as a kind of essence in the musical form
- since 2006 music for film and theater
- since 2007 graphic work and video art
- since 2008 field- and noise-recordings
- since 2009 radio plays for radio broadcasts